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   Canadian comedy and pictures from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Canadian celebrities, the Beer Stop with beer comedy and beer games, The Hockey Rink puts a humorous twist on our national sport. With Canadian trivia facts too and This Land is Our Land, has a picture slide show of the best places to visit in Canada and lots of Canadian comedy. If you're Canadian and can laugh at yourself, or even if you're just a Canada lover, or want to visit, you'll find lots of content in here

Canadian and Comedy Links
Canadian Hemp Company-Smoke a little Mary Jane and Shop Shop Shop!

Email Goodies-All the funny, insulting, and cool stuff that makes its rounds in the email world is here. Check them out, or send them to a friend.

Break EH - An entertainment site for Canadians, with humour, pics, movies.

Ruling Cats and Dogs-A few cats and dogs have taken over a web site, and are showing humans how to really take care of them. Lots of pets comedy, information, games, etc. etc. etc.

CanPix-CanPix is an image base of over 3,500 pictures and audiovisual resources for Canadian Studies. You can search, view and extract images of Flags, Coats of Arms, Flowers, Maps, and more

See It Or Not-Crashes and comedy pictures. You can ooh and awe, at the crashes, and then you can hoo and ha and the comedy.

About Canada-Government site with lots of info on Arts & Culture, Climate & Geography, Economy, Environment and more.

Star Wrecked-A Star Trek fan site that dares to go where no other fan site has gone before. With comedy, trivia, and astronomically more.

Funny beer stories - Stories, poems and pictures with a sense of humor that you may want to check out.

The Canada Page-A lot more Canadian facts like, Awards, Canadian Myths Revealed, Immigration Information, and more

Canada Kicks Ass - You bet we do, and so does this site. Tons of stuff to make you feel patriotic, or to make you laugh.

David Suzuki Foundation - If you care about the ecology, or Canada, then you have to visit the his site.

Canaduh - Strictly comedy, and lots of it. With polls, editorials and even weather reports.

Porcelain Poetry
-All the content is about crappers, but none of it is crappy. Lots of toilet comedy, jokes, short poems, celeb potty pics, and more.

Tons Of Laughs
-All comedy, all the time, with lots of laughs for you and your kind.

4 on the Floor on DVD - Sign a petition to get the Canadian comedy troup "The Frantics" onto a DVD for the world to see.