Manitoba, Canada is a Canadian province with Aboriginal people, prairie life, Lake Winnipeg, majestic rivers, lakes and forests.

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  Manitoba's population of 1,119,583 is incredibly culturally diverse. People from virtually every country have settled in the province. You'll find people of Aboriginal, Scottish, English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, German, South American, Caribbean, African, Asian, and even Icelandic decent in the area.
   Manitoba is the easternmost of the Prairie Provinces, but Manitoba is much more than just prairie. The northern section of the province is Canadian Shield and in the extreme north the landscape is made up of tundra and permafrost. The Hudson Bay area features majestic rivers, lakes, forests, desert dunes, and arctic coastline. If you canoe or a kayak, Manitoba's waterways will keep you occupied for days, even weeks. North America's seventh largest lake, Lake Winnipeg, is a windsurfer's paradise and is located a short drive from the capital and largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg.

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