Quebec, Canada is a Canadian province. With the French or Québecois and a low population density with the Saint Lawrence River, lakes and waterways.

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  Quebec is a Canadian province bordered on the Southeast by the United States and New Brunswick, on it's Southwest by Ontario, on it's West and North by Hudson Bay, and on it's Northeast by Newfoundland. It has an area of 1 700 000 sq.km, and is three times as large as France. Population density is low, at 4.7 inhabitants per square kilometer. Approximately three fourths of Québecers live near the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. Québec has more than 1 million lakes and waterways. The Saint Lawrence River is one of the most beautiful stretches of water in North America.
   The French-speaking Canadians, who live in the province of Québec, are referred to as the Québecois . The Québecois constitute 82% of all French-Canadians. The other French-Canadians, those who generally speak English rather than French and who live outside of Québec Province, make up 18% of the French-Canadian population.

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