Funny Canadian jokes about Canada vs United States, tourism humour, the local welfare office and even a temperature conversion guide.

This Land Is Our Land

Funny Canadian Jokes About Canada
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  1. A True Canadian - Find out how far Canadians will go to see the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  2. Canadian Tourism Humour - The most unusual tourists questions from several different information sources.
  3. A Canadian Journal - A new Canadian immigrant deals with our winters. Almost.
  4. Canada vs The United States - The mighty American navy against little ol' us.
  5. How Canadian women can fight terrorism - All Canadian men hope the women will do this to help out in the war.
  6. A Cape Bretoner at the local Welfare Office - A government employee with a sense of humor.
  7. Temperature Conversion Guide for Canadians - From 50 degrees to Hell freezing over.
  8. A Canadian, Osama bin Ladin and Uncle Sam - They come across a lantern and a Genie pops out of it.
  9. Little french bastard - Two boys are playing hockey on a pond.
  10. I would be an American - A first grade teacher explains to her class that she is an American.
  11. Roll Up The Rim - A Newfoundlander thinks he's won the biggest Tim Horton's prize ever.
  12. Dear God - A boy writes a letter to God, that reaches the Prime Minister, and he wishes it hadn't.