Bar jokes, beer and a shot, female hormones, brewery presidents, drunk trouble shooting and the Cheers drinking excuse called the buffalo theory.

The Beer Stop

Beer Party Jokes
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  1. Beer AND a shot - A bit of an adult beer joke about a guy and his first blow job.
  2. Female hormones in beer - Scientists have discovered that there are female hormones in beer. Read more about it.
  3. Brewery presidents - Brewery presidents go out for a beer and a match ensues.
  4. Drunk trouble shooting party joke - Symptoms, faults and actions taken when drinking beer, like if your mouth contains cigarette butts etc.
  5. Cheers Drinking excuse called "The Buffalo Theory" - The Cheers beer drinking excuse theory, taken from a classic episode.
  6. Bar Jokes - A bunch of short bar jokes to be had. The list will keep growing.
  7. New Date Rape Drug - Be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman.