Canadian geography facts and geographical trivia of Canada, with information about the land mass, national parks, mountain ranges and time zones.

Canadian Facts

Geographical Trivia
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  1. Canada's land mass is 9 970610 km2 (The world's second largest country)
  2. There are more than 100 national parks and historic sites in Canada. (Many Provincial too)
  3. Mountain Ranges include: Torngats, Appalachians, Laurentians, Rocky, Coastal, Mackenzie, Mt.St. Elias and the Pelly Mountains.
  4. Great Bear lake is the largest lake in Canada with an area of 31 326 km2
  5. Canada has six time zones. In NFLD the time zone is 3 hours and 30 minutes past Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) The other time zones are full hours behind GMT. The farthest west is the Pacific at 8 hours behind GMT
  6. There are some two million lakes in Canada, covering about 7.6% of the Canadian landmass.
  7. Canada is also known for having the longest coastline in the world at about 244,000 km (151,600 miles).

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